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Coming 2020

Products for niche markets.

Cimarron provides an integrated set of workers’ compensation insurance products and services designed to help clients control their total cost of risk, improve safety and enhance productivity.

Workers’ compensation for the Underserved Niche Markets
In addition to the workers’ compensation insurance products offered, Cimarron offers a wealth of expertise, experience, and resources to help clients create and sustain a safer workplace to the direct benefit of both employees and employers. In short, a safe workplace is a more productive and profitable environment to support success.

In the event a claim occurs, Cimarron delivers forward leaning claims services designed to ensure employees are provided appropriate care with a clear focus on early-return-to work. Early-return-to-work has proven to be in the best interest of employees and employers. To protect employers, the cost of insurance and the integrity of the insurance product, the company also works to make certain claims are valid and seeks to prevent fraudulent claims.

Cover One

Coming 2020

With Cover One, a single employee-owner employee (SEOE) may secure workers’ compensation insurance and a valid certificate of insurance. The SEOE is required to be excluded from workers’ compensation insurance coverage and is encouraged to purchase an accident policy (on the same site) which provides certain benefits in the event the SEOE has a work site injury.

Should the covered individual hire a worker that is subsequently injured, there would be coverage under the policy for that worker’s injuries.

Under Cover One, a small contractor may purchase general liability insurance on our website in the future.

To determine your eligibility, contact your agent.

Cover Two

Coming 2020

Cover Two is designed for the single employee-owner employee (SEOE) working under a transportation company’s contract. One example, employees needing certification to drive an 18-wheel truck.

It is for the owner-operator that requires a workers’ compensation insurance certificate to drive under another firm’s authority. It is not for an owner that has more than himself/herself as an employee. The policyholder must own or lease his/her own tractor.

The premium is minimum premium for the class code and the trucker must exclude himself/herself from coverage.

To determine your eligibility, contact your agent.