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To ensure that an injured employee receives the care they need and their workers' compensation claim is managed in a professional manner, it is imperative that claims be reported in the first 24 hours. The information on this page is designed to assist you with the process. Most importantly, if you hare unsure as to what to do or need guidance, we encourage you to call Brentwood Services Administrators at 877-296-6378 and ask to speak with a claims professional.

The effective and expeditious handling of each claim requires a team approach and each client is asked to take an active role in this collaborative process. In order for us to assist you in the timely investigation and handling of your workers' compensation claims, all losses regardless of severity should be reported as soon as possible and not to exceed 24 hours from time claim is reported by an employee. Claims involving serious injury or questionable circumstances should be called in to Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc immediately

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How to Report a Claim

By Phone: 877-296-6378

By fax: 704-543-0609

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